This is a compilation of atricles on a variety of subjects. Some of them were part of lively discussions in the intellectual space when healthy dissent was the accepted norm.

Publisher : Poorna Printing & Publishing House

First Published : 2015

Description :

Veerapulakathinte Katha is a collection of though provoking essays written by P.K. Balakrishnan. The credit for this book goes to Poorna Printing & Publishing house, Varkala and Dr S Shaji. Of the compilation of 25 articles, 20 are related to history. The evolution of the caste sytem in India, the fatal blow the British rule dealt to it and the skewed manifestations of the attempts to tilt back the clock come up repeatedly in many of these essays. Our failure to appreciate the depths to which caste influences our thinking denies the ability to confront reality and to come out of its clutches. What started as social reform movements is soon overshadowed by regressive counter-movements that seek to fight the forces that strike at the roots of the injustices of the caste system. It is a tragedy that we are unable to distinguish in our freedom struggle these forces from the aspiration and confidence of a new thinking striving for self-determination. The articles deal with this complex subject in different contexts and levels, Kerala History, literature etc. The book consists of the following collection:

  1. What is Narayana Guru?
  2. The Relevance of the School at Shivagiri
  3. Asan and Vallathol
  4. N Kumaranasan
  5. The Social Vision of Kumaranasan
  6. The Fear of Death, Simple Death and Real Death
  7. The Altar of Poetry
  8. The Social Revolution that was Stitched Instead of the Silk Blouse.
  9. The Story of a Heroic Thrill
  10. About a Great Man Whom I Have Not Met
  11. A Play that Wrote History by Itself.
  12. Parasuram the Paper Tiger and Aaromal, the Hero.
  13. Me, Zamorin, Gama et al
  14. Our Great Tradition of Peace
  15. An Introduction to the Study of Tradition in Kerala
  16. Marxism and Literature
  17. Decadent Writing and Socialist Realism
  18. The Feudal Literature of Communist Leaders
  19. Some Regtrograde Thoughts about Literary Criticism
  20. Citicism of Literature of Kerala
  21. Our Revolutionary System and Feudalism
  22. Some General Facts About History
  23. The State of Kerala History and the Basis of Approach of EMS
  24. An Introduction to the History of Namboodiris
  25. Namboodiri and The Society of Kerala